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James Edmonds & 

Petra Graf 


24 May - 3 June 2017



Wednesday 24 May 2017, 20.00


Opening hours: 

Thursday - Saturday 18.00-22.00 

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3 137 artist-run space is happy to invite you to 11472CTY, a project by two Berlin based artists, James Edmonds and Petra Graf.

The project was selected through the first 3 137 open call, between very interesting proposals by artists and curators who work in Greece and abroad. During the selection process advisory meetings took place with Poppy Bowers (Curator at Whitworth Art Gallery), James Bridle (Artist and Writer), Alexandra Ikonomou (Eleni Koroneou Gallery), Irini Bachlitzanaki (Artist), Iris Likourioti (Architect, Professor at the University of Thessaly) and Evita Tsokanta (Independent Curator).

James Edmonds and Petra Graf are artists working in various forms including filmmaking, painting, assemblage and photography. For their first formal collaboration the duo attempts to assemble an imaginary landscape from found objects, obsolete technologies and self invented histories, with cultural detritus functioning as new architectural signifiers. A sprawl of various ready-made materials mingle with paintings, discarded objects, sounds, projections and lighting, forming structures and relationships which also seem to be slowly evolving. The inclusion of super8 film, which becomes sculptural in it's elaborate looping system, provides an analogue link to the intersection of physicality and duration.

As the piece moves from daylight into darkness, the projections and sounds underpin the idea of a world beyond the immediate reality. The installation forms this suggested landscape anew, each time it is reconfigured in a specific time and space and refers to its reconfigurations through the inclusion of documentation of past versions.

Each new version of the piece is titled after the location's post-code preceded by the letters CTY suggesting a slightly abbreviated urban proposal, a constant "mapping out" of an abstract, hypothetical society who's infrastructure is suggested as a re-imagining of aesthetic values and monetary significance. The use of cheap recycled materials which establish themselves as buildings, public sculptures or transport systems, function as abstract proposition for a new urban timespace.

Visitors to the space are also encouraged to bring with them a small, significant yet unwanted object or material (with little or no monetary value) which in some way represents a shift in scale or in time. It could be a personal memory for them that is reflected in the object, which will then be incorporated into the landscape of the installation as it evolves organically over time, like a city expanding almost un-noticeably in the night.



Children's workshop in collaboration with Kid A Workshop

Saturday 20, Sunday 21 May, 11.00-14.00

During the run-up to the exhibitions opening, there will be a workshop for children, with James Edmonds and Petra Graf where participants are encouraged to create their own projections using slides, super 8 film, paintings and collage. The workshop will be made in collaboration with Kid A Workshop, a platform which designs creative projects for children.

Find more information about the workshop here.



Light Movement Athens: The Outskirts of a Dreamed map.

Friday 26 May 00.15- 01.15 

Open Air Cinema Riviera, Valtetsiou 46, Exarcheia

A film screening exploring themes relating to architecture, economy and imagination, through the depiction of spaces, geographys, imaginary cities and distant memories.

Films by: Joseph Bernard, James Edmonds, Elise Florenty & Marcel Türkowsky, Vincent Grenier, Daniel Kupferberg, Margaret Rorison, Lara Schroder.