An artist-run space is a gallery space run by artists, thus circumventing the structures of public and private galleries. Artist-run spaces have become realised as an important factor in urban regeneration. This effect was particularly strong in Glasgow, where the city won the accolade 'European Capital of Culture' in 1990, largely due to the large number of artist-run exhibition spaces and galleries.[1] Curator Hans Ulrich Obrist coined the term "The Glasgow Miracle" to describe this. Examples of artist-run spaces include City Racing, BANK, studio1.1, [2] Studio Voltaire, Cubitt and Auto Italia South East in London, Milwaukee's BATHAS Internationale...

The “Nation's Vow” in Urban Design Fantasy

Ethnographic Observations on Silencing and the Construction of Public History


Lecture by Dimitris Antoniou

19.12. 2012

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We are very happy to welcome Dimitris Antoniou to 3137 for a presentation of his research on The Nation's Vow (Táma tou Éthnous), a church that the participants of the fourth national assembly of 1829 had pledged to construct in return for Greek liberation from the Ottoman Empire.

Dimitris studies the long history of this unfulfilled initiative, the attempts of the military regime of April 21, 1967 to build the Táma tou Éthnous, and the urban planer Konstantinos Doxiadis's interest in the project. By bringing together Doxiadis's monographs on The Nation Vow and literature produced after the restoration of democracy on this issue, Dimitris considers the making of public history and the place of silence, resistance and complicity in Greece today.

Dimitris Antoniou is a social anthropologist and is a post-doc researcher at the Center for Hellenic Studies at the Princeton University