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After the explosion…

you hear the light,


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Workshops for Children



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The project After the explosion… you hear the light began in December 2016 with a series of exhibitions, gatherings, screenings and lectures at the space of 3 137, revolving around the artistic production of the 1970s in Greece and in collaboration with the curator, art historian and friend Klea Charitou.

The next step of this project manifested in Spring 2017 with a public presentation of archival material that 3 137 encountered and collected. Since then, the research has carried on; meetings with artists and writers, as well as visits to archives and collections have been conducted, and an informal working group has been set up to map out the 1970s and, in particular, its impact on today. All of the work is to be presented in a publication distributed by the Paris-based Paraguay Press, in 2019.

Today, two years after the first activity of the project and shortly before the presentation of the book, we are pleased to announce two Art Meetings for Children, inspired by Pantelis Xagoraris’ artworks and the relationship of art with mathematics and technology. The first meeting is in collaboration with the visual artist Kyriaki Goni, and the second in collaboration with the mechanical engineer Kostas Machairas.

Meanwhile, since August 2018 and aspiring to contribute to the important work of the Contemporary Greek Art Institute (ISET), 3 137 assists with the digital preservation of the archive of the artist Konstantinos Xenakis. The material being processed is added to ISET’s web platform and is accessible online. The work of archiving is symbolic in character and aims not only to emphasize the need to preserve artistic work and archival material but also to highlight research areas of interest within the recent artistic past.

After the explosion... you hear the light takes the form of a dynamic encounter between the participants, while our pursuit is the orchestration of a continuous dialogue. A snapshot that will capture the way we feel about and visit our recent past. It is a dialogue that balances between historiography and critical analysis; a dialogue that is not afraid of reaching mythology or an arbitrary oral account.

We would like to thank the NEON Organization for its valuable support, as well as all those who have participated in and contributed to this project.