An artist-run space is a gallery space run by artists, thus circumventing the structures of public and private galleries. Artist-run spaces have become realised as an important factor in urban regeneration. This effect was particularly strong in Glasgow, where the city won the accolade 'European Capital of Culture' in 1990, largely due to the large number of artist-run exhibition spaces and galleries.[1] Curator Hans Ulrich Obrist coined the term "The Glasgow Miracle" to describe this. Examples of artist-run spaces include City Racing, BANK, studio1.1, [2] Studio Voltaire, Cubitt and Auto Italia South East in London, Milwaukee's BATHAS Internationale...

Along Those Lines

Luke Burton, Kirstie Forbes, Catriona Gallagher, Rosie Sillitoe, John Smith, Theodoros Zafeiropoulos

Satuday 5 September at 20.30

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3 137 welcomes parallel to its program, Along Those Lines, a selection of artists' films by Catriona Gallagher.

A screening of artists' films which explore the physical environment through line and form. These films have been brought together for their shared ability to use the discipline of drawing in moving image. By following lines occurring in and around architecture, or creating them, the films draw in space, visually examining line/outline and weaving further narratives through it in language. The lens may be a tool with which to draw as it moves, or a steady witness to the linearity of the structures that unfurl before it. Often the artist uses the presence of a figure, whether visible or not, whose interaction leaves traces in its explorations. Along the lines of the land- or city-scape, the films draw through their wanderings as a way to better understand our relationship to our physical surroundings.