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Cevdet Erek, Carla Filipe, Orestis Mavroudis, Maro Michalakakos, Culpa Nova, Zoe Paul, Dan Perjovschi, Andreas Sell, Eva Vlassopoulou, Natalie Yiaxi

27/4– 5/5/2014

OPENING: SUNDAY 27/4 12.00-18.00


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3 137, after the group exhibition “Desk Issues”, presented in London, Athens and at the Collective Library at Dynamo in Thessaloniki, is happy to present the DIY publishing house “Polar Bear”.

The Polar Bear loves texts and art and invites authors, artists and all of the kind of proffesionals or amateurs once per year, to create a sculpture-book exploring a different context at a time.

On Sunday 27 April 2014, Polar Bear appears for the second time with the exhibition “By airplanes and steamers”, which explores journey, migration, fleeing, as well as different places we pass through, buses, trams, trains, airplanes and steamers. Transportation interferes drastically in our daily lives and shapes our relationship with space and time. It has a strong impact on our movements within the city, creating different travel opportunities and conditions. Transportation networks also scheme the identity of a place and furthermore the public sphere. They create new connections between centers and peripheries. At the same time, the title “με αεροπλάνα και βαπόρια” (by airplanes and steamers) refers to Sotiria Bellou's (important figure of “rempetiko” and folk music) song composed by Dionysis Savopoulos (Greek composer and singer). The folk, authentic and special Bellou's voice, gives also an opportunity to travel mentally in places and non-places, ports, trains and unexplored locations. We are interested in creating a small collection of works that are about trips, journeys, transportation and folk “rempetiko” music that suggests new destinations for mental trips. The artists that participate at the exhibiton come from different backgrounds and places (Cyprus, Great Britain, Germany, Greece and Turkey).

Με αεροπλάνα και βαπόρια” (by airplanes and steamers)

For the exhibition “by airpanes and stemers” we collaborated with Kunsthalle Lissabon. Joao Mourao and Luis Silva proposed us the work “Cousins from Bulgaria” by Carla Filipe. We also invited the independent curator Galini Notti to write some thoughts based on the title of the exhibition and the outcome was the text entitled “Welcome to my spaceship, you are beautiful forever”.

During the exhibition neighborhood schools will visit the space.