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A workshop by 3 137 

1-4 November 2016

Artists' books exhibition

Saturday 5 November

@Panepistimiou 57,

Pantheon Building,

Entrance: Mantaka Arcade


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It comes and goes.

Is it going to last forever?

Do you hear anything?

Can we be prepared for the heatwave?

Heatwave is a state of body

Heatwave is a state of mind

Heatwave is a wave, an urgency, a dystopia or a utopia.

Heatwave is the moment when the body is exposed to extreme temperatures, not only in a literal way but as a metaphor too.

Athens is a sunny city. Greece is maintaining the myth of a spectacular summer destination. But what happens when the heatwave is present? Is heatwave a worldwide situation? Which countries are more exposed to this phenomenon?

Nowadays, geographical division has turned into geographical demarcation based on economical, cultural, national characteristics. We live in crucial times and we all face immense political and social changes. Many things that humanity had won the last century such as welfare, social insurance, the 8-hours workday, are now subject to reconsideration, while the basic human rights are challenged even in countries where they were first celebrated.

The workshop is focussing on discussing, sharing and further elaborating our individual and common ideas while using the material boundaries of the notebook as an everyday instrument of keeping thoughts and ideas. Heatwave is here discussed not only as threat or dystopia, but also as a passing moment, a coming breeze, a statement of an obligatory pause, a blurred situation for searching the next step. During the workshop we are going to share our thoughts about our time and create a dialogue about the systems that we live in and the terms of categorization and classification in order to rethink our future while also react to our present.

The workshop takes place in the context of AtWork Lab part of OpenGround 2016, organized by lettera27 (Milan) and State of Concept(Athens).


Open Ground 2016 is a pilot training workshop for the professional development of artists and curators aged 23-30 that will take place in Athens between the 31st of October and the 4th of November 2016. This 5-day intensive workshop is structured around two days of seminars and lectures by international art professionals and a spin-off AtWork Lab lasting for three days and followed by a mini group show.

AtWork Lab

Conceived as an open format AtWork can be adapted, implemented and reproduced autonomously by the cultural organizations and institutions all over the world: associations, artist collectives, schools, academies, festivals. The format guidelines are provided by lettera27 and shared openly so that each organization can tailor the format to their specific local context in line with their objectives and missions. The workshop’s theme, leader and target are decided autonomously by the adopting organization.

The Athens version of AtWork is curated by the founding members of 3 137 and the workshop’s theme is Heatwave.