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A Manual to

Observe the Stars

on a Ceramic Plate

Dinners in 3 acts

In collaboration with the

Museum of Cycladic Art


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This is a collaboration between the independent artist run space 3 137 and the Museum of Cycladic Art. The aim is to highlight a new ways of support, partnership and artistic production between established institutions and cultural developments in the city of Athens. It has an experimental character and it aims to create original and unexpected encounters.  

It is a series of artist curated dinners that are all interconnected but can also be attended independently The starting point and inspiration is always the prehistoric collection of the Museum of Cycladic art.

Each dinner is an artwork and it is curated by one the three artists that run 3 137: Paky Vlassopoulou, Chrysanthi Koumianaki and Kosmas Nikolaou in close collaboration with the museum and its people. Food is always the center point through which the permanent collection is discussed: the identity, the textures, the narration, modernism, the way the Cyclades has been “rediscovered” in the 20th century and how all this reflects in 2017. New ideas, inspirations, and paths begin.

The first dinner submits us into a mysterious atmosphere showcasing the ceremonial side of every day dining activities.  The second one transfers us to the universe of subtraction using as a guide the systems and habits of modern life. The third one takes place in a seaside scenography in the middle of Athens.

First act: Paky Vlassopoulou 

(22 / 23 January 2018)

Having ceramic art of ancient civilizations as the starting point, Paky Vlassopoulou manufactures objects that redefine the classical format of a formal dinner. Design meets primitivism whilst objects become ceremonial rather than just utilitarian. Through a series of  unexpected episodes the dinner evolves into a ritual that invites us to handle our primal instincts. Serving utensils, materials, dishes, and our dining companions are placed in a new sequence which is known to us but also unprecedented.

Second act: Chrysanthi Koumianaki

(23-24 April 2018)

Cut / Add/ Mix/ Taste once in a while  

Dinner is a communication channel, from the production stage to the resulting experience. Chrysanthi Koumianaki creates a manual inspired by Nikos Tselementes's Cookbook and cooking videos, and invites the cook Fahd Hassan-Kassem to interpret it and create his own menu. Movements, shapes and colors become part of a new vocabulary and an interactive meal, open to then be read and interpreted by guests. We invite you to become part of this chain of translations and instructions, having as a common goal a new taste and a unique experience! 

Third act: Kosmas Nikolaou (tba)