An artist-run space is a gallery space run by artists, thus circumventing the structures of public and private galleries. Artist-run spaces have become realised as an important factor in urban regeneration. This effect was particularly strong in Glasgow, where the city won the accolade 'European Capital of Culture' in 1990, largely due to the large number of artist-run exhibition spaces and galleries.[1] Curator Hans Ulrich Obrist coined the term "The Glasgow Miracle" to describe this. Examples of artist-run spaces include City Racing, BANK, studio1.1, [2] Studio Voltaire, Cubitt and Auto Italia South East in London, Milwaukee's BATHAS Internationale...

3 137 όφις-ophis-office


@ΟΜΟΝΟΙΑ, ΑΒ5-6, Athens Biennale 2015-2017, Former Hotel Bageion,

Omonoia Square


Talk No.1:

Realizing Art in

Contemporary Greece.

Maria- Louiza Ouranou

Talk No.1:

Saturday 21 November 2015 18.00-20.00

Office Hours: Tuesday 24 and Thursday 26 November, 14.00- 16.00

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3 137 participates at ΑΒ5to6 Athens Biennale, OMONOIA. Welcome to 3 137 όφις-ophis-office! Our office is transferred at the former hotel Bageion, which will be evolving through time with some open events that where already programmed and some which will be created especially for this new location. Talks about economic and structural models, presentations of researches on sustainability matters and talks with artists whose practice is connected to this field. 

3 137 όφις-ophis-office presents Talk No.1: Realizing Art in contemporary Greece

Μaria-Louiza Ouranou (Publications & Website Associate, Witte de With, Rotterdam) presents part of the research she conducted within the framework of her MA studies in Cultural Economics. There, she attempted to record the Greek contemporary art production, as well as its aims and realization processes. During the presentation, she will touch upon the characteristics of art as a good and the possible spheres that can support artistic production, as they are presented in contemporary economic theories. The aim is to start a discussion about the dynamic position of the Greek contemporary art production towards the existing spheres where art is realized, as they are shaped in Greece nowadays.

Maria-Louiza Ouranou (GR, 1986) is Publications & Website Associate at Witte de With since 2015, coordinating the production of publications and web-related projects, while she is member of the communication & social media team of the center. In 2014 she served there as Publications & Web Assistant, while prior to Witte de With she worked as freelance graphic designer.

Maria-Louiza holds an MA in Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship from the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, School of History, Culture and Communication. She holds a BA in Law from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, as well as a BA in graphic design from Vakalo School of Art and Design.​