An artist-run space is a gallery space run by artists, thus circumventing the structures of public and private galleries. Artist-run spaces have become realised as an important factor in urban regeneration. This effect was particularly strong in Glasgow, where the city won the accolade 'European Capital of Culture' in 1990, largely due to the large number of artist-run exhibition spaces and galleries.[1] Curator Hans Ulrich Obrist coined the term "The Glasgow Miracle" to describe this. Examples of artist-run spaces include City Racing, BANK, studio1.1, [2] Studio Voltaire, Cubitt and Auto Italia South East in London, Milwaukee's BATHAS Internationale...

A talk with 

Zbyněk Baladrán and 

Despina Zefkili


Tuesday 24.05.2016 at 20.00


in collaboration with Are | and 

State of Concept

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3 137 is very happy to invite you to a talk with Zbyněk Baladrán and Despina Zefkili. 
The discussion will focus on his artistic as well as curatorial practice. In 2001 the artist co-founded Display, a space for contemporary art, which in 2007 was transformed into tranzitdisplay where he is responsible for the exhibitions program. 
In his works he is investigating territories that are occupied by that part of civilization, which we call Western, using methodology similar to those used by the ethnographer, the anthropologist and the sociologist, this post-humanist archaeologist is digging up the remnants of the not-so-distant past. 

“The artist is one of the first Czech artists to interpret analytically the format of the video in relation to the leftist heritage of the past.” (Iara Boubnova, ICA-Sofia, 2015)