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Athens x

Between Bridges 

2020 Solidarity 

A collective fundraising campaign

Open until Sunday 28 June 

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We are happy to announce that 3 137 is participating in Athens X Between Bridges:2020 Solidarity, an initiative by Wolfang Tillmans, Between Bridges Project. The campaign aims to support economically non-profit art organisations during the era of COVID 19 and aims to enhance their cultural activities.

Athens X Between Bridges:2020 Solidarity is a collective fundraising campaign. All earned funds will be distributed among non profit spaces in Athens. 3 137, Akwa Ibom, Enterprise Projects, ΎΛΗ [matter] HYLE, Radio Athènes, State of Concept, Victoria Square Project and Void participate in this campaign. 

In the following link you can find more details regarding the campaign and a list with the available posters.

The campaign is live until Sunday 28 June 2020.

Please, scroll down to read more about the campaign and to find instructions on how you can purchase a poster and support us. 

Thank you!

About the campaign Athens X Between Bridges: 2020 Solidarity:

2020 Solidarity is a Between Bridges project initiated by visual artist Wolfgang Tillmans started in April 2020, aiminged to help cultural venues, community and independent spaces that are facing multiple obstacles in their daily operation and working conditions due to COVID19.

In response to this call from the artist and his platform, more than fifty international artists came together to design an unlimited edition poster each which will only be available for a limited period of time.

The fundraiser Athens X Between Bridges:2020 Solidarity is a collective effort to support independent and non-profit contemporary art venues in Athens. 

Each poster is offered as a reward for a donation of 50 euros and comes in A2 size (59,4 x42 cm/23,4 x16,5 in). All posters are printed by Between Bridges and can be distributed internationally.

You can view all the posters in the gallery of the campaign’s page and you can choose which  you like by scrolling in the "Rewards" section of the page. Mail out begins after postal services have returned back to normal. If you are based in Athens you can either pick up the work from the partner spaces or register to receive it via post.

The amount raised will be shared equally among the organizations participating in this collective fundraiser and the posters will be distributed after the completion of the campaign. 

We would like to thank Wolfgang Tillmans, Between Bridges and of course all of you for your support & solidarity!